Class MapLayer

Direct Known Subclasses:
BiomeEdgeMapLayer, BiomeMapLayer, BiomeThinEdgeMapLayer, BiomeVariationMapLayer, ConstantBiomeMapLayer, DeepOceanMapLayer, ErosionMapLayer, NoiseMapLayer, RarePlainsMapLayer, RiverMapLayer, ShoreMapLayer, SmoothMapLayer, WhittakerMapLayer, ZoomMapLayer

public abstract class MapLayer extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • MapLayer

      public MapLayer(long seed)
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      public static MapLayer[] initialize(long seed, org.bukkit.World.Environment environment, org.bukkit.WorldType worldType)
      Creates the instances for the given map.
      seed - the world seed
      environment - the type of dimension
      worldType - the world generator
      an array of all map layers this dimension needs
    • setCoordsSeed

      public void setCoordsSeed(int x, int z)
    • nextInt

      public int nextInt(int max)
    • generateValues

      public abstract int[] generateValues(int x, int z, int sizeX, int sizeZ)