Interface ThrowableProjectile

All Superinterfaces:
net.kyori.adventure.audience.Audience, CommandSender, Entity, net.kyori.adventure.text.event.HoverEventSource<net.kyori.adventure.text.event.HoverEvent.ShowEntity>, Metadatable, Nameable, Permissible, PersistentDataHolder, net.kyori.adventure.pointer.Pointered, Projectile, ServerOperator
All Known Subinterfaces:
Egg, EnderPearl, Snowball, ThrownExpBottle, Trident

public interface ThrowableProjectile extends Projectile
  • Method Details

    • getItem

      Gets the ItemStack the thrown projectile will display.
      The thrown item display ItemStack
    • setItem

      void setItem(@NotNull @NotNull ItemStack item)
      Sets the display ItemStack for the thrown projectile.
      item - ItemStack set to be displayed