Interface Explosive

All Superinterfaces:
net.kyori.adventure.audience.Audience, CommandSender, Entity, net.kyori.adventure.text.event.HoverEventSource<net.kyori.adventure.text.event.HoverEvent.ShowEntity>, Metadatable, Nameable, Permissible, PersistentDataHolder, net.kyori.adventure.pointer.Pointered, ServerOperator
All Known Subinterfaces:
DragonFireball, Fireball, LargeFireball, SizedFireball, SmallFireball, TNTPrimed, WitherSkull

public interface Explosive extends Entity
A representation of an explosive entity
  • Method Details

    • setYield

      void setYield(float yield)
      Set the radius affected by this explosive's explosion
      yield - The explosive yield
    • getYield

      float getYield()
      Return the radius or yield of this explosive's explosion
      the radius of blocks affected
    • setIsIncendiary

      void setIsIncendiary(boolean isIncendiary)
      Set whether or not this explosive's explosion causes fire
      isIncendiary - Whether it should cause fire
    • isIncendiary

      boolean isIncendiary()
      Return whether or not this explosive creates a fire when exploding
      true if the explosive creates fire, false otherwise