Generalized BlockData classes.
  • Interface Summary
    'age' represents the different growth stages that a crop-like block can go through.
    'power' represents the redstone power level currently being emitted or transmitted via this block.
    'attached' denotes whether a tripwire hook or string forms a complete tripwire circuit and is ready to trigger.
    'half' denotes which half of a two block tall material this block is.
    'facing' represents the face towards which the block is pointing.
    'face' represents the face to which a lever or button is stuck.
    'level' represents the amount of fluid contained within this block, either by itself or inside a cauldron.
    'lit' denotes whether this block (either a redstone torch or furnace) is currently lit - that is not burned out.
    This class encompasses the 'north', 'east', 'south', 'west', 'up', 'down' boolean flags which are used to set which faces of the block textures are displayed on.
    'open' denotes whether this door-like block is currently opened.
    'axis' represents the axis along whilst this block is oriented.
    'powered' indicates whether this block is in the powered state or not, i.e.
    'shape' represents the current layout of a minecart rail.
    'rotation' represents the current rotation of this block.
    'snowy' denotes whether this block has a snow covered side and top texture (normally because the block above is snow).
    'waterlogged' denotes whether this block has fluid in it.
  • Enum Class Summary
    Enum Class
    The half of a vertically bisected block.
    The face to which a switch type block is stuck.
    The different types of shapes a rail block can occupy.