Interface Ageable

All Superinterfaces:
BlockData, Cloneable
All Known Subinterfaces:
Bamboo, CaveVines, Cocoa, Fire

public interface Ageable extends BlockData
'age' represents the different growth stages that a crop-like block can go through.
A value of 0 indicates that the crop was freshly planted, whilst a value equal to getMaximumAge() indicates that the crop is ripe and ready to be harvested.
  • Method Details

    • getAge

      int getAge()
      Gets the value of the 'age' property.
      the 'age' value
    • setAge

      void setAge(int age)
      Sets the value of the 'age' property.
      age - the new 'age' value
    • getMaximumAge

      int getMaximumAge()
      Gets the maximum allowed value of the 'age' property.
      the maximum 'age' value