Class ChestEntity

public class ChestEntity extends ContainerEntity
Block entity for Chests.
  • Constructor Details

    • ChestEntity

      public ChestEntity(GlowBlock block)
  • Method Details

    • getState

      public GlowBlockState getState()
      Description copied from class: BlockEntity
      Create a new BlockState which will correspond to this block entity.
      getState in class BlockEntity
      A GlowBlockState, or null to use a standard BlockState.
    • addViewer

      public void addViewer()
      Increments the count of viewing players, and plays the opening sound if this chest isn't already open.
    • removeViewer

      public void removeViewer()
      Decrements the count of viewing players, and plays the chest closing sound if nobody else is holding the chest open.
    • update

      public void update(GlowPlayer player)
      Description copied from class: BlockEntity
      Update this BlockEntity's visible state to the given player.
      update in class BlockEntity
      player - The player to update.