Class BlockEnchantmentTable

public class BlockEnchantmentTable extends BlockNeedsTool
  • Constructor Details

    • BlockEnchantmentTable

      public BlockEnchantmentTable()
  • Method Details

    • blockInteract

      public boolean blockInteract(GlowPlayer player, GlowBlock block, org.bukkit.block.BlockFace face, org.bukkit.util.Vector clickedLoc)
      Description copied from class: BlockType
      Called when a player attempts to interact with (right-click) a block of this type already in the world.
      blockInteract in class BlockType
      player - the player interacting
      block - the block interacted with
      face - the clicked face
      clickedLoc - where in the block the click occurred
      Whether the interaction occurred.
    • createBlockEntity

      public BlockEntity createBlockEntity(GlowChunk chunk, int cx, int cy, int cz)
      Description copied from class: BlockType
      Create a new block entity at the given location.
      createBlockEntity in class BlockType
      chunk - The chunk to create the block entity at.
      cx - The x coordinate in the chunk.
      cy - The y coordinate in the chunk.
      cz - The z coordinate in the chunk.
      The new BlockEntity, or null if no block entity is used.
    • getNeededMiningTool

      public MaterialMatcher getNeededMiningTool(GlowBlock block)
      Specified by:
      getNeededMiningTool in class BlockNeedsTool