Interface PluginMessageRecipient

All Known Subinterfaces:
Player, Server, World

public interface PluginMessageRecipient
Represents a possible recipient for a Plugin Message.
  • Method Details

    • sendPluginMessage

      void sendPluginMessage(@NotNull @NotNull Plugin source, @NotNull @NotNull String channel, @NotNull @org.jetbrains.annotations.NotNull byte[] message)
      Sends this recipient a Plugin Message on the specified outgoing channel.

      The message may not be larger than Messenger.MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE bytes, and the plugin must be registered to send messages on the specified channel.

      source - The plugin that sent this message.
      channel - The channel to send this message on.
      message - The raw message to send.
      IllegalArgumentException - Thrown if the source plugin is disabled.
      IllegalArgumentException - Thrown if source, channel or message is null.
      MessageTooLargeException - Thrown if the message is too big.
      ChannelNotRegisteredException - Thrown if the channel is not registered for this plugin.
    • getListeningPluginChannels

      @NotNull @NotNull Set<String> getListeningPluginChannels()
      Gets a set containing all the Plugin Channels that this client is listening on.
      Set containing all the channels that this client may accept.