Interface Directional

All Known Subinterfaces:
Attachable, GlowItemFrame, Hanging, ItemFrame, LeashHitch, Painting
All Known Implementing Classes:
Banner, Bed, Button, Chest, CocoaPlant, Comparator, Diode, DirectionalContainer, Dispenser, Door, EnderChest, Furnace, FurnaceAndDispenser, Gate, Hopper, Ladder, Lever, Observer, PistonBaseMaterial, PistonExtensionMaterial, Pumpkin, RedstoneTorch, Sign, SimpleAttachableMaterialData, Skull, Stairs, Torch, TrapDoor, TripwireHook

public interface Directional
  • Method Details

    • setFacingDirection

      void setFacingDirection(@NotNull @NotNull BlockFace face)
      Sets the direction that this block is facing in
      face - The facing direction
    • getFacing

      Gets the direction this block is facing
      the direction this block is facing