Interface BlockStateMeta

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, ConfigurationSerializable, ItemMeta, PersistentDataHolder

public interface BlockStateMeta extends ItemMeta
  • Method Details

    • hasBlockState

      boolean hasBlockState()
      Returns whether the item has a block state currently attached to it.
      whether a block state is already attached
    • getBlockState

      @NotNull @NotNull BlockState getBlockState()
      Returns the currently attached block state for this item or creates a new one if one doesn't exist. The state is a copy, it must be set back (or to another item) with setBlockState(org.bukkit.block.BlockState)
      the attached state or a new state
    • setBlockState

      void setBlockState(@NotNull @NotNull BlockState blockState)
      Attaches a copy of the passed block state to the item.
      blockState - the block state to attach to the block.
      IllegalArgumentException - if the blockState is null or invalid for this item.