Interface BrewingStand

All Superinterfaces:
BlockData, Cloneable

public interface BrewingStand extends BlockData
Interface to the 'has_bottle_0', 'has_bottle_1', 'has_bottle_2' flags on a brewing stand which indicate which bottles are rendered on the outside.
Stand may have 0, 1... getMaximumBottles()-1 bottles.
  • Method Details

    • hasBottle

      boolean hasBottle(int bottle)
      Checks if the stand has the following bottle
      bottle - to check
      if bottle is present
    • setBottle

      void setBottle(int bottle, boolean has)
      Set whether the stand has this bottle present.
      bottle - to set
      has - bottle
    • getBottles

      @NotNull @NotNull Set<Integer> getBottles()
      Get the indexes of all the bottles present on this block.
      set of all bottles
    • getMaximumBottles

      int getMaximumBottles()
      Get the maximum amount of bottles present on this stand.
      maximum bottle count