Interface Chest

All Superinterfaces:
BlockInventoryHolder, BlockState, Container, InventoryHolder, Lidded, Lockable, Lootable, LootableBlockInventory, LootableInventory, Metadatable, Nameable, PersistentDataHolder, TileState

public interface Chest extends Container, LootableBlockInventory, Lidded
Represents a captured state of a chest.
  • Method Details

    • getBlockInventory

      @NotNull @NotNull Inventory getBlockInventory()
      Gets the inventory of the chest block represented by this block state.

      If the chest is a double chest, it returns just the portion of the inventory linked to the half of the chest corresponding to this block state.

      If the block was changed to a different type in the meantime, the returned inventory might no longer be valid.

      If this block state is not placed this will return the captured inventory snapshot instead.

      the inventory