Class PlayerConnectionCloseEvent


public class PlayerConnectionCloseEvent extends Event

This event is invoked when a player has disconnected. It is guaranteed that, if the server is in online-mode, that the provided uuid and username have been validated.

The event is invoked for players who have not yet logged into the world, whereas PlayerQuitEvent is only invoked on players who have logged into the world.

The event is invoked for players who have already logged into the world, although whether or not the player exists in the world at the time of firing is undefined. (That is, whether the plugin can retrieve a Player object using the event parameters is undefined). However, it is guaranteed that this event is invoked AFTER PlayerQuitEvent, if the player has already logged into the world.

This event is guaranteed to never fire unless AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent has been fired beforehand, and this event may not be called in parallel with AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent for the same connection.

Cancelling the AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent guarantees the corresponding PlayerConnectionCloseEvent is never called.

The event may be invoked asynchronously or synchronously. Plugins should check Event.isAsynchronous() and handle accordingly.