Interface Pathfinder.PathResult

Enclosing interface:

public static interface Pathfinder.PathResult
Represents the result of a pathfinding calculation
  • Method Details

    • getPoints

      All currently calculated points to follow along the path to reach the destination location Will return points the entity has already moved past, see getNextPointIndex()
      List of points
    • getNextPointIndex

      int getNextPointIndex()
      Returns the index of the current point along the points returned in getPoints() the entity is trying to reach, or null if we are done with this pathfinding.
    • getNextPoint

      @Nullable @Nullable Location getNextPoint()
      The next location in the path points the entity is trying to reach, or null if there is no next point
    • getFinalPoint

      @Nullable @Nullable Location getFinalPoint()
      The closest point the path can get to the target location