Official Communities


Before taking part in one of our communities, please take a moment to read our code of conduct, as well as our Cheating and Illegal Behavior Policy.
We expect all users to bear this in mind when interacting with others!


If you'd like to chat with us directly and meet other Glowstone users, you can join us on Discord.

This is the easiest way to get in contact with us if you need a quick response.


All of our code can be found on GitHub, including the code for this site.

This is the place to report bugs and to contribute to the project directly, if you so choose.

Unofficial Communities


While we expect a certain level of behavior from all of our users, please note that the communities below are not run by us and we are therefore not responsible for the behavior of the users there. If you'd like to check the code of conduct of a community before visiting, then you can click the icon next to their title.

Your Community Here?

In the future, we may decide to link communities that we like and have worked with here.

If you're interested in finding reputable servers running Glowstone, then watch this space!

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